About Information om Sverige

Last updated: 13 2 2020

Information om Sverige (www.informationsverige.se) is the county administrative boards’ website with information about Sweden for asylum seekers and people who have recently been granted a residence permit.

What is the purpose of Information om Sverige?

The website is intended as a help and a resource for you, and as a means of improving your ability to influence your situation in Sweden yourself.

The idea is that you will be able to find answers here to questions about how Swedish society works. You will also find information about what government agencies you will be in contact with during your initial period in the country. You can see how each step of the process works, from your application for asylum until the point where you are part of Swedish society and working or studying.

Information om Sverige has been put together with the help of reference groups made up of asylum seekers and people who have recently been granted a residence permit. Thanks to their contributions you can read about things that may be difficult to find out otherwise, and things that you may not be aware that you need to know.

Who is behind Information om Sverige?

The Västra Götaland County Administrative Board is responsible for managing Information om Sverige in collaboration with the Sweden's other county administrative boards. The county administrative boards in turn collaborate with Arbetsförmedlingen and the Migration Agency to ensure that the information on the website is current and correct.

What can you find on Information om Sverige?

Information om Sverige gives you a broad range of information Swedish society. You can read about Sweden is governed and how you can participate and influence things. You can learn about the Swedish welfare system with its financial support works, and how Swedish health and medical care are organised. There are also pages where you begin practicing Swedish, pages for parents, and a glossary of important words.

The website is a free guide to Swedish society in 10 different languages. You can use it on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. It is focused on providing information and tools for asylum seekers and people who have recently been granted a residence permit, but it also offers certain resources to anyone who works with people in these two categories.

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